Dr. Thomas Heller, author of the recent illustrated book ' Agaven', regularly visits the mediterranean coast of France and Italy with his camera. The area boasts a number of excellent venues for succulent enthusiasts, apart from many agaves and other succulents having adopted this area as a new habitat. Thus many fine specimens can be seen by the roadside and in parks and both private and public gardens. There are also quite a few nurseries around with a large variety of plants for sale. On the Italian side of the border the highspot is the world famous Hanbury Gardens at La Mortola near Ventimiglia plus the Giardino Esotico Pallanca near Bordighera. The latter has excellent plants for sale as well as a spectacular setting for the show plants. On the French side there is another world famous and spectacular garden called 'Jardin Exotique' in Monaco with amazing views. There is a smaller but still spectacular exotic garden at Eze on the road to Nice, which itself has a large botanical garden boasting an extensive agave collection.
The Hanbury Villa at La Mortola Ag. antillarum Ag. asperrima Ag. atrovirens Ag. attenuata Ag. avellanidens Ag. bracteosa Ag. bracteosa f. variegata Ag. bovicornuta Ag. cantala Ag cerulata ssp. subcerulata Ag. chiapensis Ag. havardiana Ag. leopoldii Ag. decipiens Ag. kerchovei Ag. lophantha blue form Ag. lophatha f. variegata Ag. macroacantha verde Ag. margaritae Ag. marmorata Ag. mitis v. albidior Ag. multifilifera Ag. neomexicana Ag. neomexicana Ag. nigra Ag. ocahui v. longifolia . Ag. pedunculifera Ag. polianthiflora Ag. seemanniana Ag. stricta Ag. stricta . Ag. subsimplex Ag. ? warelliana ? chiapensis Ag. weberi Ag. xylonacantha
All photos on this page are the property of Dr. Thomas Heller.
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