Situated near Ruurlo in eastern Holland, towards the German border, this is a real paradise for lovers of all succulents and cacti. A vast cactus and succulent garden lies under 6,000 sq.m. of glass. It contains a wide selection of plants grown in 'natural' conditions and includes many fine specimens. A true feast for the eyes and a treat not to be missed by anyone travelling in that part of the world. Your hosts are Anny and Bert, not only friendly and delightful people but also very knowledgeable about their subject. The site also contains a sales area, packed to the rafters with a wide selection of plants grown to the highest standard. (site in Dutch)
Cactus Anny
Ag. americana f. mediopicta alba Ag. vivipara( angustifolia ) v. marginata Ag. bracteosa Ag. colorata Ag. filifera Ag. funkiana Ag. geminiflora Ag. guiengola Ag. isthmensis Ag. macroacantha Ag. marmorata Ag mitis v. albidior ( celsii v. albicans ) Ag. parryi Ag. parryi Ag. parviflora Ag. potatorum Ag. salmiana Ag. striata Ag. stricta Ag. sp. FO-076 Ag. tequilana Ag. victoriae reginae Ag. xylonacantha
Gallery 1 Mixed agave photos plus photos from Ernst Woelfing
Gallery 2 Mixed agave photos
Gallery 3 and Gallery 4 .Photos from Julia Etter and Martin Kristen
Gallery 5 Photos from Gerhard Koehres
Gallery 6 Photos from Mountain States Nursery
Gallery 7 Photos from Liguria and Cote d'Azur from Dr. Thomas Heller
Gallery 8 Habitat photos from Mexico from Nick Macer plus Alexander Heim's garden near Athens
Gallery 9 Photos from the Hollygate Cactus Garden/Nursery, UK
Gallery 10 Photos from his exotic garden plus Mexican habitat photos from Paul Spracklin
Gallery 11 Habitat photos from Mexico & USA from Wim Alsemgeest
Gallery 12 Photos from Cactus Oasis, a succulent paradise in eastern Holland
Gallery 13 Photos from Kew Gardens, London
Gallery 14 Photos from Phillipe Faucon
Gallery 15 Habitat photos from Greg Starr
Gallery 16 Photos from the private collection of Ron Parker, Fountain Hills, AZ
Gallery 17 Mexican & USA habitat photos from Bertus Spee
Gallery 18 Photos from Michael Greulich.
Gallery19 Huntington Botanical Gardens photos by Michael Greulich
Gallery 20 UK National Agave Collection