Ag. aktites Ag. albomarginata Ag. bovicornuta Ag. cantala Ag. cerulata ssp. cerulata Ag. cerulata ssp. dentiens Ag. cerulata ssp. nelsonii Ag. chiapensis Ag. chrysoglossa Ag. colorata Ag. datylio v. vexans Ag. desertii ssp. desertii Ag. desertii v. simplex Ag. desmettiana Ag. ellemeetiana Ag. felgeri Ag. franzosini i Ag. geminiflora Ag. gigantensis Ag. guadalajarana Ag. havardiana Ag. horrida Ag. hurteri Ag. lechuguilla Ag. mapisaga Ag. margaritae Ag. maximiliana v. katharinae Ag. mckelveyana Ag. multifilifera Ag. murpheyi Ag. nizandensis Ag.ocahui v. ocahui Ag. ocahui v. longifolia Ag. ortgesiana ( =colimana ) Ag. parryi Ag. parryi v. couesii Ag. pelona Ag. schotti v. treleasii Ag. salmiana Ag. seemanniana Ag. tequilana Ag. titanota Ag. toumeyana ssp. toumeyana Ag. utahensis ssp. kaibabensis Ag. victoriae reginae f. variegata
The above pictures are by courtesy of and the property of Philippe Faucon.
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